Bite Me opens in 2017 in New York City and 29-year-old Sarah wears her self-made freak status like armor. With her blue hair and a facial tattoo, Sarah is part of a (real-life) fringe subculture of people who identify as vampires and believe they need to drink blood to stay healthy. 38-year-old James, an Englishman and IRS agent, has spent his entire life trying to make himself as bland and inoffensive as possible, terrified that people won’t like him if he reveals any part of his assiduously hidden personality. When James is assigned to audit Sarah’s vampire “church” an unlikely spark of attraction ignites between the two misfits. But as the pressures of their so-different worlds crash in on their burgeoning optimism, as Sarah wrestles with loyalty to her community, as James watches Sarah actually drink blood, and as the clock ticks on the impending IRS ruling, the two are forced to confront whether they have the courage necessary to commit the radical, terrifying act of falling in love.

Starring: Christian Coulson (Harry Potter), Annie Golden (Orange Is The New Black), Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story) and Naomi McDougall Jones (Imagine I’m Beautiful).

Directed by: Meredith Edwards (Imagine I’m Beautiful)

Written by: Naomi McDougall Jones (Imagine I’m Beautiful)

Executive Producers: Jack Lechner (Blue Valentine, Fog of War) & Joanne Zippel

Bite Me will be released in 2019.


Thats’s Not Us stormed the indie film scene after playing over 35 film festivals around the world including Inside Out, Frameline, and Outfest. The film was released as a Netflix Exclusive through Strand Releasing and is now available on iTunes and Amazon.

Three twenty-something couples – gay, lesbian and straight – travel to a beach house to enjoy the last days of summer, but what was meant to be a fun, carefree retreat transforms into an intimate exploration of sex and commitment. Moment-to-moment, relationships are tested as tensions between the couples and friends begin to simmer. That’s Not Us is a romantic comedy that questions what it takes to sustain a healthy long-term partnership. While gender and sexuality may vary, the struggles to make love last do not.

“Relatable in ways that may be uncomfortable, the characters in That’s Not Us are probably you and me, and everyone we know.”

— InsideOut

“ honest take on contemporary relationships, packed with genuine interactions and nuanced performances. The film finds the quiet moments when otherwise happily paired people feel alone despite being within arm’s reach of their partners, and it revels in the rare moments when communication triumphs over silence.”

— Laura Henneman, Frameline


When Sarah accidentally proposes to her girlfriend in Provincetown, she finds herself at odds with her partner's expectations of their future. The mixup sends both women on different journeys of marital exploration. Sarah, a documentary filmmaker, begins interviewing same-sex couples in an attempt to overcome her fear of divorce. Kristen, who's ready to tie the knot, sees a future version of her life with Sarah where career and passion threaten to pull the women apart.

Integrating interviews with real couples, The Ring Thing explores the intimate constructs of marriage and what it means to be committed - to your partner and to yourself.

The Ring Thing played at Inside Out, Outfest, Provincetown, and Palm Springs International Film Festival in addition to 20 others around the world. After being picked up by Gravitas Ventures, the film is now available on VOD and DVD internationally.

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The Private Theatre is a non-profit theater collective dedicated to building creative freedom through collaboration.

We believe that deeper collaboration fosters heightened creativity and that our work is more innovative, challenging, and free when we put collaboration at the center of our process.

We are dedicated to using collaboration to not only create surprising, unconventional theater works, but also to invigorate community connection, problem-solving, and transformative ideas across cultures, aesthetics, and disciplines.

In 2019, The Private Theatre will produce three new works:

ROCCO, CHELSEA, ADRIANA, SEAN, CLAUDIA, GIANNA, ALEX: Inspired by the political polarization of America and developed through the ground-breaking Insight Method, this show is a mystical tapestry of uniquely American stories woven into an epic cultural trip. Rocco, Chelsea… will perform at HERE in February 2019.

A DOLL HOUSE: In a new has been in development for three years, performs in the round, with actors interspersed amongst the audience and a cellist scoring the performance and accompanying a choreographically violent tarantella. Based upon a revolutionary translation by Royston Coppenger, our production highlights the perverse psychosexual infantilization, which emerges from the corruption of Nora and Torvald. This show performs later in the season.

EROS 2020/BEST SEX EVER: An exploration of contemporary sexual practice, diversity in intimacy, and affection and love.