Adventure Kid believes in the power of people. Build a strong team and anything is possible, no matter what your budget range is. Having produced feature films from the micro-budget to mid-range level, I take a comprehensive approach to story-telling, team building and creative business strategy.

Services Available:

- Lead film producing, from development through distribution

- Line producing

- Budgeting

- Production Management


Don’t let your problem solving be lonely. Whether you are embarking on a new entertainment adventure and aren’t sure where to begin, or need advice in taking your next step (or leap), I’m here to share everything I know about independent film and theatre making, from script-writing to fundraising to distribution. Here are some of the areas I frequently consult in:

- Self-producing

- Building a career as a multi-hyphenate

- Crowdfunding

- Script development

- Navigating the film festival circuit

- Distribution

- Producing nuts and bolts, from development to post production

Have questions about something you don’t see here? Write to me about it and I’ll let you know if I can help. If I can’t, I’ll refer you to someone who can.


What we’re most interested in is serving YOUR vision and figuring out how to bring it to life. My approach comes from the Insight Method of art-making, which gets to the core of how you value the story you are telling and how that value is expressed through form. I don’t believe in prescribed methods of story structure. I honor your unique voice and want to help you amplify it. I’ll help you identify your writing goals and are able to provide the following:

- Script notes at any stage of the process

- Treatment & script writing

- Script Doctoring


I know. We all hate doing it. But it can be really fun - we promise! Let us relieve you of some of the stress of self-promotion by designing your website, pitch decks & one-pagers. Ask us for work samples.



Basic consulting rates and script note rates are included below.

For all other services, rates depend on your budget, project, and what you’re looking for. Get in touch for more info and we’re happy to figure out a way to help you while respecting any financial constraints.